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For a third consecutive year, the INRS Foundation is proud to reward eight graduates who have distinguished themselves by the quality, rigour and contribution or their doctoral dissertations or master’s theses or essays in each of the four centres.

This recognition is accompanied by prizes to new graduates thanks to the generous support of members and partners of the INRS community.

Thank you very much! Together, we awarded $12,000 to eight recipients, $1,000 at the master’s level and $2,000 at the doctoral level, in recognition of their outstanding work.

Best master’s theses or essays

Sarah Bouali
Master’s degree in virology and immunology
Under the supervision of Krista Heinonen
Centre Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie

The members of the jury underlined the relevance, rigour and scientific quality of her work on a protein essential to the maintenance of stem cells that ensure the continuous replacement of different blood cells. Motivated by the desire to contribute to scientific advances in order to serve the community, she is a scientific associate in a company that conducts clinical tests for the approval of new vaccines


Emily Fitzhenry
Master’s degree in Earth sciences
Under the supervision of Richard Martel
Centre Eau Terre Environnement

Using imaging techniques, she proposed new protocols for the rehabilitation of contaminated environments. These scientific advances, usually expected at the doctoral level, have led to the publication of articles and a book chapter. The high quality of her background demonstrates Emily's exceptional abilities as she pursues a career as a hydrogeologist in a small consulting engineering firm


Yingming Lai
Master’s degree in energy and materials sciences
Under the supervision of Jinyang Liang
Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications

He has conducted several research projects and contributed to the development of the world's fastest ultraviolet camera (UV-CUP). He has published articles in academic journals and his work has been shown around the world, contributing to the reputation of INRS. In 2021, Yingming received the Louis-Berlinguet Star Award from the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies, which inspired him to continue his doctoral studies at INRS to achieve new breakthroughs in ultrafast imaging techniques.


Andrés Henao Florez
Master’s degree in urban studies
Under the supervision of Philippe Apparicio
Centre Urbanisation Culture Société

The first Quebec study on dangerous overtaking for cyclists, his thesis contributed to the advancement of knowledge by bridging the gap between engineering and social sciences. In addition to his innovative methodology, it is the creation of One meter plus, a new data collection tool whose plans are available for free access, that characterizes the excellence of his career. He is continuing his doctoral studies on the risks to which cyclists are exposed, this time in Bogotá.


Best doctoral dissertations

France Caza
Doctorate in Biology
Under the supervision of Richard Villemur
Centre Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie

Trained as a physician, Dr. Caza retired from a prolific clinical career to embark on a new career in research for a cause close to her heart: environmental health in the face of climate change. Our atypical doctoral student has participated in four research missions to study the presence of leukemia in mussels, a sentinel species, as an effect of global warming in Antarctica. Her work has been published and she is continuing her postdoctoral research here at INRS.


Pier Paolo Comida
Doctorate in Earth Sciences
Under the supervision of Pierre-Simon Ross
Centre Eau Terre Environnement

His thesis focuses on explosive volcanic eruptions and the volcanic ash they form. Four scientific papers, including three as first author, will result from his innovative work. Thanks to his rigorous work, certain aspects of magma fragmentation are better understood. He will also undertake a post-doctoral fellowship to continue his quest to better predict and limit the impact of future volcanic eruptions.


Ivy Mawusi Asuo
Doctorate in energy and materials sciences
Under the supervision of Alain Pignolet
Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications

She conducted her research on halide perovskites, new materials improving the performance of solar energy devices. Her work, which approaches the highest international standards, has contributed to sixteen publications and one patent. Now R&D manager of the start-up company Pi-Sol, she wants to contribute to the advancement of solar technology worldwide.

Meet IVY

Caroline Marcoux-Gendron
Doctorate in urban studies
Under the supervision of Guy Bellavance
Centre Urbanisation Culture Société

By studying music as a vector of socialization among immigrants in an urban context, and by examining how the relationship to music of people born in the Maghreb and living in Montreal feeds their relationship to the social world over the course of their lives, she has made a remarkable contribution to the advancement of knowledge on the links between music and the social integration of immigrants. Her high-quality analysis opens the door to the consideration of culture in research on immigration. She continues her work as general and scientific coordinator of the Observatoire interdisciplinaire de création et de recherche en musique.


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