INRS Foundation Scholarships

The INRS Foundation creates new scholarships each year to support its student community, the next generation of scientists in Quebec and beyond. They are awarded through the generosity of members of the university community, private companies and foundations, as well as graduates and friends of INRS.

To apply or for more information on the scholarships offered, consult the INRS scholarship directory.

Bourse Andrea-Rovere

This scholarship is created in memory of the brilliant INRS graduate and generous postdoctoral researcher of Italian origin Andrea Rovere. Tragically departed in 2021, he focused his research during his promising academic career on a new type of nanostructure capable of generating electrons with high intensity terahertz (THz) waves. This scholarship will be awarded to students enrolled at the INRS Energy Materials Telecommunications Centre from 2023 onwards.

Bourse du conseil de la Fondation

The INRS Foundation Board of Directors Scholarships are offered starting in the 2022-2023 academic year to recruit and support more female students at the master’s and doctoral levels in the Energy Materials and Telecommunications Centre’s training programs, where women tend to be under-represented. The scholarship enhances the study conditions offered by INRS to the holder. 

Bourse de transition de carrière

In line with the Institut national de la recherche scientifique’s (INRS) goals of equity, diversity and inclusion, INRS senior management has created the INRS Career Transition Scholarship. The new scholarship, which will be awarded as of the 2022-2023 academic year, is intended to provide support to new students who are returning to school after different personal and professional experiences. 

Bourse de la Fondation Arbour

Thanks to the representations of the INRS Foundation, the Institute is added to the university partners of the programme. As of 2022, INRS students have access to the Arbour Foundation’s generous scholarship program. Scholarships at the master’s ($13,000) and doctoral ($20,000) levels are complemented by a mentoring program, support for entrepreneurship and other assets to propel the recipients’ careers.

Bourse de la Fondation J. A. DeSève

In 2022, to encourage student retention in the context of the pandemic, the Foundation offered ten scholarships totalling $45,000 to graduate students at the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique.

Prix pour les meilleurs mémoires et thèses

Each year since 2020, eight INRS graduates have been awarded $1,000 for the best master’s thesis or essay and $2,000 for the best doctoral dissertation in each of the four centres. The awards are presented at the convocation ceremony. 


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