Supporting the dissemination of biosciences in French

Once again this year, the INRS Foundation supported an important initiative to develop the skills of members of the INRS student community. The Armand-Frappier Conference aims to share scientific knowledge, popularize science and promote the use of the French language in the biosciences. Its 13th edition brought together nearly 200 participants in Saint-Sauveur, from October 30 to November 1. The three-day event covered a wide range of topics, including bioinformatics, microorganisms, biotechnologies, medicinal chemistry, toxicology and the environment.

Student scientific conferences are essential to INRS because they provide a forum for members of the student community to share their research, discoveries and work. They also provide an opportunity to meet other researchers, professors and professionals, and promote the dissemination of knowledge within the scientific community.

The INRS Foundation has been a proud supporter of the Congrès Armand-Frappier for several years, this year contributing $2,500 through its Fonds d'aide aux étudiants.

Comité organisateur du Congrès Armand-Frappier 2023

“We express our deep gratitude to the Fondation de l'INRS for their invaluable support and look forward to collaborating with them again in future editions of this conference. The financial support of the Fondation de l'INRS has played a key role in the successful organization of the Congrès Armand-Frappier 2023, enabling us to guarantee a high-quality event for all our participants.”

Congratulations to the organizing committee, whose significant contribution was instrumental in the success of this event, consolidating the Congrès Armand-Frappier's position as an essential part of Québec's French-speaking university scientific community.

To find out more about the Armand-Frappier Conference, visit the event page:


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