Exploring geothermal energy in Portugal

A group of students from the Centre Eau Terre Environnement, accompanied by Professor Jasmin Raymond, organized a twelve-day field trip to explore the geology and active geothermal systems of Portugal. The expedition, made possible thanks to a socio-financing campaign supported by the INRS Foundation, gave them the opportunity to discover various towns and regions both on the Portuguese mainland and in the Azores archipelago, shaped by volcanic activity.

“One of the objectives of this expedition was to visit exemplary sites exploiting geothermal energy. In Québec, the use of geothermal resources of all kinds is still in its infancy, and is mainly focused on geothermal heat pump systems. Most of our students' research projects focus on simulating geothermal systems to extend the use of this renewable resource,” says Pr Raymond.

Portugal, with its wealth of interesting geological sites, has developed a variety of geothermal systems, ranging from heating to power generation. A visit to some of these sites and installations, both on the mainland and in the Azores archipelago, renowned for its volcanic activity, offers a better understanding of the possibilities and limits of various applications.

The trip also enabled our students to gain in-depth knowledge of the systems involved, and to learn more about the challenges involved in building and operating them. This knowledge is invaluable for informing their research work and paving the way for new applications and innovations, essential in our energy transition.

This expedition was supported by the INRS Foundation. Thanks to a contribution from the Foundation and a participatory socio-financing campaign orchestrated by the Foundation, as well as generous donations from partners, friends and members of the INRS community, via the campaign, we were able to raise the sum of $14,000. This enabled the group to fully cover the cost of van rentals for local travel, and to alleviate some of its expenses.

The key role played by the Foundation in the success of this trip was underlined by one of the students:

“The Foundation's support enabled us to have an extraordinary scientific experience in our field of study, in extraordinary places, as well as to take part in an international scientific congress, an experience that will mark us for the rest of our lives and for which we are all grateful. As a student, the Foundation's support has made a huge difference. Without this support, the expedition would simply not have been possible.”
— Michaël Thibault, Master’s student in Earth Sciences

The Foundation’s team is proud to have provided support to these students, enabling them to enjoy an exceptional training experience that will contribute to the continuation of their careers. Congratulations to the students on the realization of their project, and thank you to all our donors for joining us in supporting them.

To find out more about the expedition, visit their website.


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