The impact of your donations... increasingly resounding!

Thanks to you, our support for the next generation of scientists is growing steadily.

Created in 2020, the INRS Foundation is continuing to grow and is increasing the number of ways it supports and highlights the work and achievements of members of the student, scientific and graduate community of the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS). In 2022-2023, the Foundation has offered no fewer than six new scholarship programmes, in addition to the three already in place. Thanks to the support of its 142 generous donors, some fifty members of the student community and two research projects were directly supported this year, to the tune of nearly $150,000. And it's not over yet, as some $250,000 in pledges were made during the same year to support future projects. 

Impact 2022-2023

“The impact of your donations to the INRS Foundation is remarkable. It changes lives and influences career paths, it recognises the driving role of science and the efforts invested in research, and it provides significant support for innovative projects that help train the next generation of scientists capable of meeting strategic challenges for Quebec. I extend my thanks to our generous donors, as well as our loyal volunteers and dedicated team members, not forgetting our invaluable colleagues at INRS for their contribution to these fantastic results. Beyond our ambitious plans for the future, these results demonstrate that the Foundation is having a tangible empowering effect in the lives and careers of the INRS community members.”
– Élise Comtois, executive director

In 2022-2023, thanks to the support of our donors, we have nearly $60,000 in prizes and bursaries for INRS students, in particular to celebrate success, diversity, atypical career paths and student commitment. Donations and commitments from individuals, companies and private foundations have grown steadily. The Foundation is therefore in a position to support student vitality through one-off financial assistance and support for student initiatives over the coming year.

In addition to providing financial support to members of the INRS student and scientific community, the Foundation highlighted some fifty members of the INRS network of graduates and postgraduates, either by celebrating their achievements, telling their stories or highlighting their remarkable success through the Lumières 2022 Awards. Our team also welcomed a new cohort of some 130 graduates at the May 2022 convocation and organised a first alumni gathering last November.

The Foundation’s main successes, impacts and recognitions are recorded in the 2022-2023 Impact Report, and the financial statements audited by Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton are also available on our website.

In its first two financial years, the Foundation awarded more than $275,000 in scholarships and awards to some 70 members of the INRS student community, demonstrating its added value to a student, scientific and graduate community that contributes, day after day, to Quebec’s economic, social and cultural development.

Thank you to our donors, volunteers, and allies for contributing to this resounding impact!

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