Photo: Angela Pearson

February 11 will mark International Day of Women in Science. On this occasion, the INRS Foundation will be honouring the Institute's women researchers this week. Discover their work!

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Professor Angela Pearson's laboratory studies the molecular biology and pathogenesis of herpes viruses, including herpes simplex virus (HSV), a human pathogen, as well as Canid herpes virus, a canine pathogen of the same family as the chickenpox virus.

HSV infections are particularly dangerous for those with immune deficiencies such as stem cell recipients or AIDS patients, as well as for newborns due to their immature immune systems. She and her team are working to elucidate the molecular processes involved in the replication of the virus and its spread in the host, using viral genetics, molecular biology and bio-imaging techniques.

The results of his work will allow the identification of new pharmacological targets for antiviral therapies that may have public health implications.

Ultimately, this research project will serve as a launching pad for research on herpes viruses specific to other animal species, such as domestic cats.


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