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Geosapiens team expands its business model across the country

Flood risk modelling to benefit from Canadian Space Agency satellite data

Geosapiens, a start-up that emerged from the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), is on a roll. Its e-Nundation web platform provides real-time mapping to predict and manage flood risks for infrastructure, real estate and people. The company’s target clientele includes insurers, municipalities and citizens who want to find out about potential risks to their property.

The company announces that it had entered into a new partnership worth nearly $300,000 with the Canadian Space Agency through its smartEarth initiative. This will allow the company to use the Agency’s satellite data to enhance its models and apply its expertise across the country.

Building on the applied remote sensing and hydrology research expertise of the Eau Terre Environnement Research Centre, the Geosapiens team includes former INRS students and graduates Achem Agili, Anas El Alem (Ph. D. Water Sciences, 2015), Khalid Oubennaceur (Ph.D. Water Sciences, 2018) and Marion Tanguy (Ph.D. Water Sciences, 2017), Professor Karem Chokmani and research professionals Yves Gauthier, Jasmin Gill Fortin and Charles Tousignant. 

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