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Arbour Scholarships now available to INRS students

Thanks to the INRS Foundation’s representations, INRS is added to the university partners of the Arbour Foundation.

Starting in 2022, INRS students will have access to the generous scholarship program of the Arbour Foundation. Scholarships at the Master’s ($13,000) and Doctoral ($20,000) levels are accompanied by a mentoring program, entrepreneurial support and other key elements to propel the recipients’ careers. 

The competition will open in March 2022 and the application process, which includes an internal screening by INRS, a selection by the Arbour Foundation and an interview, will lead to the announcement of the recipients in mid-September. The INRS Foundation is also planning an official award ceremony in the fall of 2022.

Since 2005, the Arbour Foundation has been contributing to the advancement of education in Quebec by offering scholarships in fields likely to encourage its economic development.

The program is open to students whose research interests lie in the fields of engineering and computer science. International students are also eligible.

The INRS Foundation is pleased to have made this new collaboration possible and hopes that many students will apply to participate in this exceptional opportunity. Details will soon be available on the INRS scholarship portal.

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