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Encouraging the return to higher education
INRS management creates a Career Transition Scholarship Fund

Great news on this world day of generosity and solidarity. In line with the Institut national de la recherche scientifique’s (INRS) goals of equity, diversity and inclusion, members of the INRS senior management team are announcing a first donation commitment of $4,500 this year to create the INRS Career Transition Scholarship. The new scholarship, which will be available starting in the 2022-2023 academic year, is designed to provide support to students who are undertaking graduate studies after a living variety of personal and professional experiences.

Luc-Alain Giraldeau

“This scholarship aims to underline that there is not only one way to enter a master’s or doctoral program at INRS,” says Luc-Alain Giraldeau, Chief Executive Officer. “Different life paths can lead to graduate studies and they must be recognized and valued. This scholarship is sending yet another signal that a wide array of backgrounds is welcome in our academic community,” he adds.

Caroline Painchaud

“There can be a variety of reasons why someone interrupts their studies, such as a career change, a return from time spent starting a family or caring for loved ones. Moreover, all sorts of aspirations, ambitions and changes in life circumstances can make someone want to start a new career or give it a new impetus based on obtaining a graduate degree,” adds Caroline Painchaud, acting Director of Administration.


“INRS is already an institution of choice for these students. For example, obtaining a doctorate in their fifties is part of the new trajectories we see in our research and training centers. These individuals deserve special support and may not be eligible for the granting agencies’ scholarship programs. The new scholarship will fill this gap and may even allow them to obtain other scholarships during their academic career,” insists Claude Guertin, acting Scientific Director.

Michel Fortin

The four leaders are already thinking about the sustainability of the Career Transition Scholarship. “We want to make it a collective project, so that partners and colleagues from the INRS community feel inspired by the objective of the scholarship fund which, in all humility, aims to make a difference to people with atypical backgrounds, so that they can make their dream of returning to study with us come true, ” points out Mr. Michel Fortin, Secretary General of the INRS. 

Would you like to encourage our students who are returning to graduate studies? Contribute to the INRS Career Transition Scholarship Fund today. Thank you for your support!


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