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“Succession planning and legacy gifts”

What are the different types of estates? What forms of legacy gifts can be stated in a will? Why should you include a charitable donation in your will? How does it work? Find answers to your questions and learn about other important aspects to consider when planning a donation in your will at our special webinar of Wednesday, November 17. 

This webinar provides more thorough information following the virtual event Demystifying charitable giving presented on October 22 as part of the second edition of Philanthropy Week at INRS. This webinar will be led by two experts from Desjardins Wealth Management:

  • Me Dominique Bigras, Vice President Trust Strategies, and a lawyer specializing in legacy giving, and;
  • Me Caroline Marion, notary, and tax specialist.

The webinar will be hosted by Ms. Sophie Sylvain, Senior Advisor – Business strategies at Desjardins. 

You’re thinking about giving back to INRS, to support a student financially, research on an issue dear to you heart, or to create a personalised scholarship? It’s simple if you have the right information and tools to integrate your donation in your financial plan. Don’t miss your chance to find out more about this topic. Make sure to attend this useful webinar on Wednesday, November 17 at noon.

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