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Philanthropy Week at INRS starts this Monday, October 18th! This year, the Foundation’s team brings you five virtual events focusing on the continued growth and development of INRS, bringing together about twenty different perspectives. Many special guests will be participating, including Mr. Luc Sirois, Quebec’s Chief Innovation Officer. He will join other panelists in the round table hosted by INRS CEO, Mr. Luc-Alain Giraldeau, that will kick-start Philanthropy Week.

From Monday, October 18 to Friday, October 22, participants from the extended INRS community (science ecosystem and philanthropic experts in Quebec, partners and patrons, scholars, financial planning experts, and alumni) will discuss different ways of leveraging philanthropy to accelerate the development and continued growth of INRS.

You’re invited to attend these virtual events that will take place from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. (EDT). Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn, to get involved, and to help increase the impact of science on society, research excellence, student support, alumni outreach, and our pride in INRS.

Here’s a glimpse of our programming:

  • Monday, October 18, at noon – panel: “Philanthropy as an accelerator of scientific development.” Add to calendar.
  • Tuesday, October 19, at noon – panel: “Partners’ and patrons’ perspective.” Add to calendar
  • Wednesday, October 20, at noon – roundtable: “Spotlight on award recipients.” Add to calendar.
  • Thursday, October 21, at noon – webinar: “Demystifying charitable giving.” Add to calendar.
  • Friday, October 22, at noon – roundtable: “Our graduates as ambassadors for INRS in the community.”Add to calendar.

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Guidelines to follow the events on Zoom were sent to you by email and are available online on the INRS Foundation website. The events will also be available on YouTube later on.

We’ll be posting programming details, event summaries, and call to action on social media daily so make sure to check the Foundation’s posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and to share with your networks!

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