The first Impulsion INRS call for projects launched by the Foundation in the fall of 2020 was a great success and fostered considerable interest from our scientific teams.

In accordance with the INRS donation acceptance policy, research projects must be qualified by the INRS qualification committee to become part of the Foundation’s philanthropic development portfolio. The committee met last week to deliberate on the initiatives proposed by our researchers and selected nine of those projects.

These initiatives give a taste of the many innovative projects that are simmering in the minds of our scientific teams on a variety of issues likely to have an important impact on Quebec society—from agriculture to the environment, and from human and animal health to public infrastructures. We look forward to having the opportunity to announce their funding and launch.

Over the next few weeks, the members of the Foundation’s team will work with project leads on honing the marketing aspects of the projects in order to present them to prospective donors.

We thank all those who have proposed projects for their leadership and trust.

A new call will be launched in spring 2021. Stay tuned!

Impulsion INRS

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