Student aid fund

$1,235 raised

Supporting our students in need

In 2020, we created an emergency fund in response to the financial insecurity created by the sanitary crisis. The financial support offered by the fund was much needed, and every last penny was used. 

We have realized that such financial support could be needed at any time. The struggle could be the result of many situations, such as the lost of a job, a separation, a health condition, etc. Inflation and the rising cost of living make it even harder to make ends meet. 

This Fund aims to support INRS students who are struggling financially and need help with basic living expenses and get back on their feet to pursue their studies. 

Students requiring support assistance may submit a request to the Graduate and postdoctoral studies. 

gift of any amount is invaluable! 
It shows your solidarity with all members of our student community and will be a great help to them. 

INRS faculty and staff: you may give over a number of pay periods.