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Congratulations to our 2022 Prix Lumières Awardees!

We are proud to celebrate our 2022 Prix Lumières awardees, which were announced at INRS’ 2021‒2022 graduation ceremony held in Montréal on May 14.

Our Prix Lumières Awards are presented to graduates whose remarkable careers and achievements are inspiring the entire INRS community.

Through their inspiring work, career, and achievements, our Lumières embody the mission and values of INRS, demonstrate the importance of science in society, and promote the excellence of research and training at INRS.


For his exceptional commitment to the development of INRS and its contribution to the economic, social, and cultural development of Quebec.

“INRS’s Centre Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie research centre is a cultural melting pot where passionate, committed and creative scientists try to decode the functioning of the infinitely small and to understand the language of micro-organisms. It is an honor and a privilege to be associated with these world-renowned researchers in order to contribute to the scientific and economic development of Quebec.”

Mathieu Millette

Mathieu Millette
Masters in applied biology, 2003
Doctorate in biology, 2008

Scientific director

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For her remarkable achievements and contribution to the community, in Quebec and beyond.

“INRS is a unique research and teaching environment that values excellence and diversity. For me, this award is a great recognition of an unconventional career that demonstrates the importance of developing transversal skills and their impact on professional success.”

Daria Riabinina

Daria Riabinina
Doctorate in energy and materials sciences, 2007

Director, Technology Transfer
Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation


For a promising career debut that has already inspired the student community.

“It was at INRS that I had the privilege of diving head first into the fascinating world of research. This experience really crystallized my desire to pursue on this path and gave me the confidence to be creative with my ideas and the boldness to do research differently, despite the challenges it may bring. I accept this award with great humility and gratitude and I thank the exceptional mentors at INRS that I continue to work with.”

Élyse Caron-Beaudoin 

Élyse Caron-Beaudoin
Doctorate in biology, 2018

Assistant Professor
Department of Health and Society
University of Toronto Scarborough

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Congratulations to all nominees and a big thank you to the people who made them shine by submitting their nominations. Thanks to you, this third edition of the competition has been a resounding success!

Our warmest thanks also go to the members of the jury composed of members of the Foundation's Board of Directors: Martine Vanasse, General Manager and Chief Compliance Officer, PSP Investments; Anne-Pascale Richardson, Program Manager, AquaAction; Guillaume Côté, Senior Director of Strategic Development, Mission Systems, Collins Aerospace; Kevin Mejo, Assistant Chief Marketing Officer, JAMP Pharma Group; and Sue E. Wehner, President and Founder, Med-Script.