Every gift matters and every dollar makes a difference.

Your contribution, however small, is important because pooled with those of other donors, it enables INRS to continue its work in areas of crucial importance.

There are many ways of supporting INRS. The Foundation accepts donations at all times, before, during, and after its fundraising campaigns and activities.

There are many ways to donate, whether by making a cash donation, a planned gift from your estate or insurance policy, an in-memoriam gift to honor a loved one, or by taking part in fundraising activities. Be it a one-time, annual, or planned gift, we can help you explore the best option for your goals. 

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Many ways to express your generosity

Annual donations

You may show your continued support by opting for an annual donation. For instance, your credit card may be debited each year on the same date. You may also choose to spread your donation out over the year:

  • On a monthly basis

Your monthly donation can make all the difference. It’s an easy, effective way to spread out your donation over the entire year. You may schedule any date of your choice.


  • Through payroll deductions

Your donation through payroll deductions allows you to give a specific amount each payday, at your convenience. In February, donations made through payroll deductions will appear on the tax slips issued by your employer, INRS.


One-time donation

You may support us by making a simple and secure online donation by credit card or bank transfer. You will automatically receive an official tax receipt by email. Donating online is a practical and economical way of showing your support. 

Donation of securities

Make a greater impact by giving securities!

A gift of securities (securities or mutual funds) is one of the most advantageous ways to support education and research at INRS. With a gift of securities, there is no capital gains tax to pay - allowing you to donate a larger amount that will have a greater impact on the economic, social and cultural development of Quebec.

Through our partner CanadaHelps, you can donate securities easily and securely to the INRS Foundation and receive a charitable tax receipt.

Donate securities

Cryptocurrency donation

Are you on the cutting edge? Make a meaningful impact on our student and scientific community with your cryptocurrency. Easily donate your Bitcoin or Ether to the INRS Foundation to support science and innovation. You will receive a charitable tax receipt through our partner CanadaHelps.

cryptocurrency donation

Planned giving

Planned donations are set up through a financial, tax, or estate planning process. They can consist of deferred or immediate contributions. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be contributing to the growth of INRS while receiving tax benefits.

Planned gifts help the Foundation support INRS’s efforts by providing funds to help students, accelerate research or the acquisition of cutting-edge equipment required for research in the short, medium and long term.

Wish to learn more? Watch our webinars on charitable giving and bequest [in French] or contact us.

The Canadian Association of Gift Planners’ “Charitable donations of life insurance” toolkit provides clear and up-to-date information on the subject.

In memoriam

You may make a donation in the memory of someone who has passed. You may instruct us to inform the family of your gesture. Do you have someone whose memory you wish to honour with a donation to the INRS?

Major gifts

Major donations have transformational potential and are used to fund large-scale initiatives, endowments, and infrastructure projects that have a significant impact. Join us in changing the world thanks to scientific research!




A big “thank you” to our generous donors!

Our recognition circles highlight the invaluable support of our donors. Their contributions help keep INRS at the forefront of science and innovation as a leader in research intensity among Canadian and Quebec universities.
Thank you for helping shape Quebec’s scientific future!


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Name in the annual report
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The Foundation, in collaboration with INRS, is developing a recognition program to highlight contributions from organizational donors in support of INRS’s mission. Privileges vary according to the level of donation and may include public communications and events, visibility opportunities, and naming designations that show our appreciation.


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Tax benefits

Tax credits for charitable donations apply according to the donor’s situation and place of residence.

Revenu Québec

The Revenu Québec website provides more information on charitable donations. For information on the actual cost of your donation, please see the section on tax credits for donations and gifts.

Canada Revenue Agency

For more information on tax benefits for charitable donations, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website, which features a Charitable donation tax credit calculator.

The INRS Foundation is a charity registered in Canada under the number 725310676 RR 0001. The list of recognized charities is available on the Agency website.

Online gifts

When you donate online, here is the merchant name that will appear on your credit card statement: BAM*DON FINRS.


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