Meet the winners of the Fondation J.A. DeSève Student Success Scholarships

The INRS Foundation is proud to recognize the perseverance and exceptional merit of ten students who have been awarded scholarships totalling $50,000.

Thanks to the financial support of the J. A. DeSève Foundation, the ten winners studying at the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société are receiving a welcome boost to encourage them to complete their master’s or doctoral program. The scholarships, worth $5,000, recognise the perseverance and determination of these students. Professor Marie-Soleil Cloutier, Director of the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société, underlines the importance of these scholarships for our community: “We believe in the potential of each student and in their power to make a positive impact on society. These bursaries are an investment in their future, enabling them to realise their personal and professional ambitions,” she says.

Our scholarship recipients are :

Amed Aroche Hernandez  
Maîtrise en études urbaines, under the supervision of Stéphane Guimont Marceau

“I am extremely grateful to the Fondation J.A. DeSève and the INRS Foundation for making this scholarship possible, as it represents invaluable support for students at the end of their course, enabling us to carry out our research, which encourages me to continue my academic career with a deep sense of responsibility, to advance my research and contribute significantly to the understanding of contemporary social and urban issues.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to INRS, and in particular the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société, for the warm welcome they have extended me. Thanks to them, not only have I benefited from a solid training in the social and urban sciences, but I have also had the opportunity to experiment with partnership research and co-creation. Working in collaboration with other players in the artistic and social world has made my experience here truly unique.”

Bernardo Emmanuel
Doctorat en études urbaines, under the supervision of Christian Poirier


“The support of the J.A. DeSève scholarship is the backing for a whole career project. I want to devote myself to an academic career as a specialist in urban representations, in order to better understand the interpretations that individuals make of their urban environment. My thesis aims to explore representations of Montreal public spaces in Quebecois cinema and their role in revealing the evolution of Montreal’s identity in film. The support of the J.A. DeSève scholarship is essential to my career, enabling me to devote myself to my field of study, to writing my thesis and to promoting the scientific quality of the work produced by the INRS and the Fernand-Dumont Chair in Culture. This grant also demonstrates the J.A. DeSève Foundation’s sensitivity to the financial challenges faced by foreign doctoral students in their research, and its commitment to studies on Quebec cities and culture.”

Caroline Flory-Célini 
Doctorat en études urbaines, under the supervision of Nathan McClintock

“I’m really pleased to have been awarded this Fondation J.A. DeSève success scholarship. It came at just the right time to confirm my decision to continue my studies in the construction of an inclusive dimension of the city. It gives me the opportunity to devote more time to my research on the contribution of Black geographies to urban agriculture, while continuing to support my children. Thank you to the J.A. DeSève Foundation and the INRS Foundation!»

Elhadj Mamadou Kaly Sow 
Maîtrise en études des populations, under the supervision of Nicole Gallant

“First of all, winning this scholarship gives me a great sense of joy. I’d like to thank the selection committee for choosing me. For me, it represents recognition of the achievements I made during my academic career and my community involvement here in Quebec and in Senegal before that. For all the people who have supported me in my studies, I feel that this bursary will give them a sense of pride. What’s more, this support will make it easier for me to continue my research, improve my study conditions and, above all, graduate.”

Diana Peña Ruiz 
Doctorat en études des populations, under the supervision of Maude Pugliese

“The fact that this scholarship is dedicated to honouring students’ perseverance has, in my view, a deep symbolic meaning. As well as being a source of financial support and motivation, it also pays tribute to my parents, who have always instilled in me the value of perseverance and have constantly supported me in every one of my projects, even when that meant leaving Colombia, my native country. It is thanks to this perseverance that I have been able to realise many of my dreams to date, and I look forward to discovering where it will guide me in the future. I would like to express my gratitude to the Fondation J.A. DeSève and the INRS Foundation for this wonderful recognition.”

Oussama Trabelsi 
Maîtrise en études urbaines, under the supervision of Nick Revington and Cédric Brunelle

“Receiving the student success scholarship from the J.A. DeSève Foundation is recognition of my perseverance and efforts. It encourages me to pursue my studies with determination and provides me with the financial means to achieve my academic goals. I am honoured and grateful to the INRS Foundation for this opportunity, which opens up new perspectives for my future.”

Elisa Beatriz Ramirez Hernandez 
Maîtrise en études des populations, under the supervision of Laurence Charton 

“I am truely grateful for this bursary, which is an essential support in my financial planning for the success of my studies, and a source of pride in my progress at INRS. As an international student, this has a great impact not only on my studies, but also on my life path, because this scholarship is helping me to achieve a goal that I have worked so hard for: my graduation from INRS.”

Freddy Tsopfack Fofack
Doctorat en études urbaines, under the supervision of Guy Bellavance and Romain Roult

“This scholarship provides me with invaluable motivation to persevere in my studies by striking a balance between academic demands and my family responsibilities. It symbolises an invitation to redouble my efforts and seek new distinctions in my studies. I am sincerely grateful to the Fondation J.A. DeSève for its support, which has brightened my academic life.”

Dorhane Manel Racha Malim  Doctorat en études urbaines, under the supervision of Sandra Breux

“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for being awarded the Fondation J.A. DeSève Foundation scholarship. As well as providing financial support, this success has boosted my confidence and motivation so that I can concentrate fully on completing my thesis.”

Mamadou Diallo 
Doctorat en études des populations, under the supervision of Maude Pugliese

“For me, this scholarship represents crucial financial support that recognises the value of our research project, led by myself and my supervisor Maude Pugliese. Not only does this scholarship ease my financial burden, but it also motivates me to give my best. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I promise to make good use of it to achieve my research goals.”

By supporting these students in their quest for development and success, the J.A. DeSève Foundation recognises the quality of their work, their commitment and their dedication to their studies.

Nearly thirty applications were examined as part of the competition. "We received a large number of excellent applications with significant financial needs, which made the choice particularly difficult," points out Héloïse Roy, head of academic and professorial affairs at the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société. Along with professors Xavier Saint-Denis and David Myles, she was a member of the selection committee, to whom we extend our warmest thanks.

The INRS Foundation is deeply grateful to the J.A. DeSève Foundation for its renewed support in 2023. The mission of the J. A. DeSève Foundation is to support organizations that directly benefit their fellow citizens through their activities, their contributions in social assistance, education, science or hospital care.

We would also like to thank the students who submitted applications and to acknowledge the contribution of all those who, in one way or another, helped with communications and the smooth running of the scholarship competition. You are helping to ensure that the next generation of scientists will have a solid foundation for our collective future.

Thanks to its generous donors and partners, the INRS Foundation has awarded more than $250,000 in prizes, scholarships and support to the INRS student community since 2022.

A festive awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 5 October 2023 at the Centre Urbanisation Culture Société in Montreal, to celebrate the success of our talented scholarship recipients. Congratulations to the winners, to whom we wish every success as they complete their programme of study and pursue their aspirations.

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