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A year of multiple outcomes

As we look back on the year that ended on April 30, we feel it is essential to share with our stakeholders the challenges and achievements that have marked our journey. With you, from near and far, our small team continued this year the deployment of the INRS Foundation that began in 2020.

Here is a snapshot of the few accomplishments presented in our 2021-2022 Impact Report:

  • Established robust governance, including a board of 13 business and philanthropic leaders, including three alumni and three representing INRS.
  • Presented 3 Lumiere Awards to our outstanding graduates for the 2nd year in a row.
  • Highlighted the careers of 20+ graduates from our four centers.
  • 1st ceremony to award $45,000 in scholarships to 10 students.
  • 8 awards of $12,000 to the graduates who submitted the best theses and dissertations in each of our four centers.
  • 2 scholarships created through the generosity of members of the INRS community; including a $25,000 commitment on behalf of the Foundation Board.
  • 2nd Philanthropy Week at INRS, which attracted some 60 participants to our 5 live workshops and generated over 475 replay views.
  • Qualification and canvassing of a portfolio of 18 INRS Impulsion projects.
  • Some 40 relationships established with major donors (companies, foundations and individuals) for solicitation purposes.
  • Multiple communications and outreach opportunities, generating 75,000 clicks and visits, including via our monthly newsletter launched in May 2021 to 4,000 subscribers...

To date, since 2020:

  • 65 graduates have been highlighted by sharing their academic and professional journey
  • 7 remarkable graduates have received a Prix Lumières Award
  • 90 companies and foundations are aware of INRS’ mission and impact
  • 80 solicitations to major donors
  • 60 students benefited from our direct support
  • $125,000 returned to the INRS community

A big thank you to all of you – friends, volunteers, and donors – who support us on a daily basis and who make our work to accelerate the development and outreach of INRS and its scientific and graduate community so inspiring.

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