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Welcome to our 137 new graduates

At today’s convocation ceremony, a new cohort of graduates marks the end of a chapter in their training. In 2021-2022, no less than 137 graduates will join the network of INRS graduates, the next generation of scientists in Quebec and beyond.

There are three key elements that make great universities endure: the quality of the research and training they provide, their impact on the community and the commitment of their graduates. This is precisely why the foundation was created two years ago. To support the growth of INRS, an open and innovative institute that serves society and invites a diversity of stakeholders to participate in its success and impact.

I am particularly pleased to be able to mark the second anniversary of the INRS Foundation with you. Created in May 2020, the Foundation is dedicated to accelerating the development of INRS and highlighting its graduates.

To date, thanks to the generosity of members of the greater INRS community and our partners, we have awarded over $125,000 in scholarships and emergency financial assistance to INRS students.

We also highlighted some 65 graduates by highlighting their successes and achievements. It’s a pleasure to interact with them and share their inspiring stories. Their stories are all different, but the common thread is that they have used their scientific training to seize professional opportunities, each more exciting than the last, whether they are related to our programs of study or not.

Today, the Foundation is also presenting the Prix Lumières Awards for the third time, as well as the awards for the best master’s theses and doctoral dissertations from each of our four centers. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly congratulate all the winners. I hope that you will find them inspiring and that their stories will encourage you to surpass yourselves and then tell us your story.

The INRS Foundation is your foundation, it exists by, for, and with you. This is why I invite you to update your contact information and to stay in touch with us so that you can benefit from the strength of a network of some 3,417 graduates who, like you, rely on science to contribute every day to the economic, social and cultural development of our society.

Congratulations and thank you for staying in touch!

See you soon,

Élise Comtois
Executive director
and the INRS Foundation Team

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