Photo: Laurence Charton and Cathy Vaillancourt

Learn more about the research work on the health of Quebec families by Professors Laurence Charton and Cathy Vaillancourt

The Chair in Family Health, Perinatal Care and Parenting is an intersectoral and interdisciplinary research project that proposes an ecosystemic approach to many health sectors and disciplines in order to promote the well-being of future mothers, parents and children in Quebec, with a particular focus on families and communities living in financially precarious situations. Perinatality and parenthood involve many challenges and will have an impact not only on the well-being of the unborn child, but also on that of the parents and Quebec society as a whole.

Professors Charton and Vaillancourt are part of this initiative which also includes researchers from UQAM and UQTR. Their project is attached to the Réseau intersectoriel de recherche en santé de l'Université du Québec.


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