Resolution #5 • Make my colleagues shine

Happy New Year! To mark the beginning of 2022, the INRS Foundation suggests a few resolutions to start the new year off right. 

Resolution #5 • Make my colleagues shine

We encourage you to nominate an INRS graduate for the 2022 Prix Lumières Awards. This third edition will highlight their career and achievements in three categories: Firestarter (Étincelle), Trailblazer (Éclat), and Starburst
(Rayonnement). A small gesture that creates great pride. 

Our Lumières are bright and shining. They are remarkable graduates who emphasize the importance of science in society and who promote the relevance and excellence of research and training activities at INRS. This distinction highlights their inspiring actions, achievements and career paths that embody the mission and values of INRS, in addition to contributing to the influence and development of their alma mater.

Created at the initiative of the INRS Foundation, the awards were presented for the first time in at the 2020 convocation ceremony. The year 2022 marks the third edition of the award competition.

Don’t miss your chance to put your colleagues or former students in the spotlight. Nominations are considered until March 27.

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