Together, let's support student success

You instill pride and promote student success!

Bravo! Your generosity towards student success is a great source of pride.

Thanks to you, a dozen students in financial difficulty will find the peace of mind they need to continue their studies. Your contribution to our the Supporting our students in needs fund makes all the difference. It shows that their community is there to support them, that they want and are proud of their success.

Your support for the Celebrating the academic excellence of our students fund made it possible to award, during the 2019-2020 graduation ceremony, the first eight scholarships to match the prizes for the best dissertations and theses. Our awardees are unanimous: they take great pride in this award, it is a significant mark of recognition that encourages them to pursue their studies and their careers. Cheers!

In addition, many of you have chosen to participate in the INRS Development fund because you wish to support other priority initiatives that may arise during the year. This is great and it shows how visionary our INRS community is.

As Véronique, Mathieu and I officially end our activities related to the annual campaign and we are about to turn our attention to the INRS Impulsion projects, here are some highlights of your collective participation in 2020.

A first annual campaign led by the INRS Foundation this fall:

  • your donations to date total $35,000, bringing us very close to the finish line;
  • your participation ranges from $10 to $5,000, with an average gift approaching $400;
  • one third of donors have chosen a donation commitment through payroll deduction or monthly payment; and
  • about fifteen of you have chosen to support more than one cause.

Since this spring, you are more than 200 donors who, together, have it made possible:

  • to support the next generation of scientists to the tune of over $ 76,000;
  • to provide financial assistance to around 40 students and award eight merit scholarships.

It is never too late to show your pride in belonging to the INRS community.

At the year comes to an end, I take the opportunity to mention that your donations to INRS give you an official receipt, which allows you to benefit from a tax credit that can represent between 35% and 53% of the amount of your contribution, according to your level of taxation and the annual amount of your donations.

Thank you warmly!

Elise Comtois
INRS Foundation     


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