“I see it as a crown to all the efforts I made in my educational journey. It highlights the importance and quality of the work that I did in my PhD and I am so happy that INRS has recognized it. This award will serve as a motivation and open different avenues for me in my future career.”

Edward Owusu Kwarteng
PhD Virology and Immunology, 2019

Centre Armand-Frappier Santé Biotechnologie | Supervisor: Krista Heinonen

During his MSc studies in Paris Edward Owusu Kwarteng saw opportunity to broaden his knowledge on stem cell function in normal and disease states. He discovered a previously unknown mechanism showing that the attrition of blood stem cells is partly responsible for immunosuppression in chronic infections like HIV/AIDS. This supports the hypothesis that stem cell can be targeted to find treatment for chronic infections.

Edward Kwarteng will be pursuing a postdoctoral training in cancer metabolism.