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What are your dreams for the future? We invite the INRS community to submit funding applications for research initiatives that will increase INRS’s contribution to Quebec’s economic, social, and cultural development.

In accordance with the INRS’s policy on accepting donations, only projects that have been reviewed and approved by the qualification committee will be included in the Foundation’s project portfolio. Projects will be assessed for their funding potential based on the commitment of the project initiators and their ability to put forward a solid rationale setting out clear and direct benefits for society.

The qualification of proposals allows the INRS Foundation team to begin canvassing for partners for these exciting projects. Philanthropic funding, however, is not guaranteed. Moreover, since philanthropy is based on trusting relationships, it can take several months to reach an agreement with partners.

Philanthropic funding is complementary to other sources of funding available to the INRS scientific community and is not appropriate for all types of projects. Contact us to learn more.

Call for proposals

To date, 18 initiatives have been selected by the qualification committee.

See the list

The call for proposals is now closed. Stay tuned for details about a new round. 


Aside from assessing the philanthropic potential of the initiatives, the qualification of proposals will be based on the following criteria:

  • convergence of the proposed project with the strategic plan and the institutional scientific program of INRS (mission, vision, values ​​and strategic axes);
  • structuring effect of the project for INRS (with regard to our programs, centers or community);
  • scientific relevance of the project (scientific value of the project and the researcher's academic file);
  • social, economic or cultural relevance of the project;
  • anticipated benefits for communities (mobilization and transfer of knowledge);
  • potential impact on recruitment, retention and student success; and
  • possibility or not of alternative financing to the project.

Prior to submitting your file, please ensure that the proposal form, the budget and the centre’s letter of support provide the information required to assess each of these aspects. 

Interested in learning more about The perspective of partners and donors to better position your project? Take a look at our webinar. 

Submit a project that will increase INRS’s impact on the economic, social, and cultural development of Quebec.