For more than 50 years, INRS has demonstrated its value as a catalyst for research and innovation in sectors of major strategic importance for the economic, social, and cultural development of Quebec.

A few of INRS’s historic contributions

  • Hydrological planning for the James Bay dams
  • Groundwork for Quebec’s family policy, which led to the birth of the province’s network of early childhood centres
  • Development of the Biotech City in Laval
  • Establishment of a speech recognition research hub in Montreal, precursor to the artificial intelligence sector

Emerging areas where INRS takes a leading role

  • Soil and water purification
  • Industrial waste recovery
  • Relations with Indigenous peoples
  • Energy and new materials
  • Light-matter interactions
  • The unique combination of the ultrafast and the infinitely small
  • Sustainable development

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INRS is inventing the future.

Here are a few of INRS’s development priorities

Leverage the development of scientific research in strategic sectors outside Québec’s main urban centres in collaboration with partner institutions ($15 million over five years):

  • Indigenous issues
  • Sustainable health determinants
  • Digital technology to support development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Advanced materials and the energy transition

Additional areas:

  • Agro-culture in Quebec: Banking on nordicity and food self-sufficiency
  • A centre for advanced research on the environment and climate change
  • Development of a new scientific campus in the greater Montreal area to foster new synergies between research and teaching institutions and industry