Lalit Kumar 
Ph.D. Water sciences, 2020

Postdoctoral fellow, INRS


I chose INRS for my studies because it has world-research facilities for carrying out research workIt really helped me to learn and grow as a researcher.

Currently conducting postdoctoral research at INRS’ Centre Eau Terre Environnement in Quebec City, Lalit Kumar says he “chose INRS for [his] studies because it has world-research facilities for carrying out the research work. Moreover, supervision from INRS professors and support from INRS technicians and administration are outstanding.”  

The outstanding experience of performing research work in INRS laboratories has stayed with him. “It really helped me to learn and grow as a researcher,” says Kumar. His favorite memory from the campus is graduation day, “where my colleagues and I obtained our degrees as a consecration of our hard work.” Moreover, he developed long-lasting friendships with community members during his studies here, “Another favorite memory would be spending time with colleagues in INRS’ cafeteria during lunch or evening hours,” he adds.

His doctoral studies helped him acquire strong work ethics: “The most important lesson I learned from my studies at INRS is to be ethical, punctual, and professional in the workplace.”

Since obtaining his degree, Kumar is a postdoctoral fellow at INRS and he wished to pursue his research or academic career in scientific institutions in the near future.

He says that his time at INRS has prepared him well to undertake a scientific career. “From the research work conducted in INRS laboratory, I published many articles in international journals which helped to build my CV. I also attended many conferences, which gave me international exposure,” he mentions.

His advice to today’s students is “to plan adequately beforehand so that they would be able to manage their projects effectively. Another advice would be to maintain punctuality and professionalism at work.” His wishes for the future is “that many world-class research will be conducted at INRS and that it will continue to train and foster globally-recognized scientists.” He adds, “I also believe that the INRS Foundation is doing a great job at putting INRS alumni in the spotlight and it will grow immensely in near future.”

Thank you, Lalit, and best success in all of your future endeavours!

[As told to the INRS Foundation in June 2021.]